Warm up your outreach.

Reach and engage prospects through
automated social sequences

Socialize your outreach and start off relationships on the right foot.

Cold emails are disruptive. Reach and build relationships with prospects the right way by getting noticed at scale.

Linkedin profile visits

Spark interest

People hate cold, unsolicited emails. Preserve your brand integrity by warming your approach with soft profile visits to let  prospects know you're interested. Get noticed by prospects the smart way by triggering social lookbacks.

Linkedin connect

Send an invite

Email open rates are low. Kick start relationships the right way by inviting prospects to connect, and start building your network of potential customers, followers, and readership. Build your influence by always providing value upfront.

Linkedin messages

Start chatting

Email is out, chat is in. Don't wait for prospects to respond, strike up authentic conversations and do what all great teams love doing: Listening.

"Selling radically new technology means changing the mindset of your potential clients. It requires a more careful and personal approach than provided by traditional sales tools. We use Orca to keep our prospects updated on recent changes in the AI market, and it works like a charm!"

Konstantin Savenkov     Founder and CEO, Intento

Socialize your sales engagements and generate more leads doing less.

Spend more time chatting and hanging with potential customers and less time worrying about low email open rates and responses.

Warm is better than cold

No one likes waking up to a cold, unsolicited sales email with a crafty subject line. Warm your approach, connect and grow your network the right way by listening, learning, sharing, and  providing value upfront. Social selling is all about about real people having real conversations solving real problems.

Linkedin automation outreach

Begin better conversations.

Start generating leads the right way by connecting with, engaging, and nurturing prospects through warmer pipeline generation.