The Complete Social Enablement Platform

Orca has everything you need to warm up prospects on Linkedin and get them ready to talk shop.


Maximize Linkedin output with social outreach to drive more sales and revenue

From finding key decision-makers to launching personalized engagement campaigns, Orca helps you warm up your LinkedIn prospects faster to close more deals.

Find and Engage Ideal Prospects Instantly

Identify ideal prospects, find more like them, and build more pipeline instantly.


Build Better Relationships with Prospects

Automate authentic interactions on Linkedin and other channels, and build meaningful relationships.


Enrich Company and Contact Records

Automatically append accurate company and contact details to lead records.


Take Your Social Selling Forward

Boost your team’s productivity and performance with built-in analytics and team stats.


Built to help teams accelerate sales beyond human limits

We built Orca with one goal in mind - to enable your sales reps to build more pipeline, so you can hit your numbers. Here's how:

  • Eliminate repetitive sales tasks and activities
  • Better conversations through warmer touches
  • Orchestrate advanced sales workflow
  • Seamless integrations with all the apps you need

Connect Your Stack and Automate Workflows

Easy workflow automation for busy sales people. Orca moves info between your sales stack automatically, so you can spend more time connecting with prospects.

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"Every time we use Orca we discover new ways to improve our outreach, which at the end of the day it's why we're doing this. We're connecting about 30% of the prospects we engage. So, if I were to send a hundred connect requests, we're striking up conversations with at least 20-30 potential buyers. That's huge!"

Josh Nash     Director of Business Development and Marketing, Factory Four

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