Fast-Forward Your Team's Social Selling Efforts

Orca’s performance insights help you optimize campaigns to drive even stronger results. Make every team player a winner and drive more revenue together.


Improve engagements with actionable insights

Manage your team and pipeline with more predictability to drive stronger results faster.

campaign Insights

Build a winning playbook

  • Unique profiles views and look-backs (coming soon)
  • Monitor invites and track connection and reply rates
  • Review social selling activities performed
  • Analyze engagement timeliness by prospect
  • Know the times, channels and sequences that reach prospects best.

  • Consolidate and track sales engagements metrics across different platforms.

  • Spot trends in success ratios by profile visits, sent invites, and accepted connections.

  • Know what messaging resonates with and converts prospects.

team Reporting

Learn as a team, win more together

  • Measure team performance across all campaigns
  • Track profile visits, invites, and replies
  • Fine tune your  playbook with actionable insights
  • Know which reps are top performers
  • Measure performance of individual sales reps or your entire sales organization.

  • Track and report which reps are using your playbook for seamless alignment.

  • Have data-driven coaching conversations and make every rep a top performer.

  • Make calls quickly with our sales dialer from whichever application you're working in.

"Orca has made reaching our potential customers and users a breeze. We have seen a significant improvement in response rates and engagement from using orca, from our tests no other method comes close to the effectiveness of Linkedin with Orca."

Adam Carrigan     Co-founder and CEO, Minds DB

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"We've been experiencing a lot of success with Orca and would love to feature it in SDR Huddle, read and shared by thousands of professionals in the sales community. I love the effectiveness of Orca and the ability to go beyond just sending out emails and cold calling. The engagements are definitely higher with social compared to email."

Alex Barrios, Nextdoor

"What a fantastic team! I really like Orca's tool and recently had some questions about certain features in order to maximize my impact on potential customers. Dan and the team were very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I would recommend this amazing tool with a bonus of the outstanding customer success to anyone looking to greatly increase their lead generation."

Anna O’Leary, Bioxplor

"The primary benefit I get from Orca is the automation of social outreach. Social selling needs to be a key component for any sales team. LinkedIn has done a good job for opening it up. I haven’t seen any companies doing it the way Orca does it… Success comes from seeing things people don’t see, which is why I’m investing in Orca"

Peter Ahn, Streak CRM

"Orca has helped us not only to grow our business but also to grow our network. Orca gave me back the time I needed to grow the business while making the grinding and hustling of what growing a network means."

Alejandro Cantu, SkyAlert