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Orca helps you expand profiles of ideal prospects, find more like them, and engage them effectively at the right time on and across different channels and platforms.


Find company and contact details instantly

Orca’s data enrichment add-on lets you uncover more information about prospects to use across other sales channels. Sync up data in your CRM, use emails for outreach or warm leads on Linkedin and other social networking platforms.

Spend less time scouring the web for new leads. Create targeted lead lists in minutes, so your reps can focus on closing more deals.

Set parameters like Linkedin connection, job title, company size, and more to find ideal prospects automatically.

Orca instantly appends company and contact details to your lead records — giving you the data you need, when you need it.

Spark meaningful conversations by effectively engaging prospects across different channels and platforms.

alejandro cantu, skyalert

"Orca has helped us not only to grow our business but also to grow our network. Orca gave me back the time I needed to grow the business while making the grinding and hustling of what growing a network means."

Over 20 Unique Data Points

Orca gathers data on over 20 unique fields — like company, employee count, job title, role, and more — to create rich company and contact profiles in real time.

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"What a fantastic team! I really like Orca's tool and recently had some questions about certain features in order to maximize my impact on potential customers. Dan and the team were very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I would recommend this amazing tool with a bonus of the outstanding customer success to anyone looking to greatly increase their lead generation."

Anna O'Leary     Co-founder and COO, Bioxplor

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Orca was built to increase and improve engagements, spark real conversations, and drive more revenue. Go beyond just cold calls and emails.

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"Selling radically new technology means changing the mindset of your potential clients. It requires a more careful and personal approach than provided by traditional sales tools. We use Orca to keep our prospects updated on recent changes in the AI market, and it works like a charm."

Konstantin Savenkov, Intento

"The primary benefit I get from Orca is the automation of social outreach. Social selling needs to be a key component for any sales team. LinkedIn has done a good job for opening it up. I haven’t seen any companies doing it the way Orca does it… Success comes from seeing things people don’t see, which is why I’m investing in Orca."

Peter Ahn, Streak CRM

"Orca has made reaching our potential customers and users a breeze. We have seen a significant improvement in response rates and engagement from using orca, from our tests no other method comes close to the effectiveness of Linkedin with Orca."

Adam Carrigan, MindsDB

"The results of our campaign in Orca have been positive, given that we are still early in our process and continue to tweak our processes to improve results. Our campaign has generated an increase in connections by the thousands, led to many conversations about Pyramid, and resulted in a number of sales qualified leads."

Elsa McDonald, Pyramid Analytics