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Orca lets you find key decision-makers fast. And then, engage them with social outreach that drives more meetings, sales and revenue.


Start engaging relevant decision-makers sooner

Built-in LinkedIn search, integrations with other prospecting tools, and easy import. Orca has everything for you to discover the best connections and build more pipeline.

3RD PARTY integrations

Send and upload leads seamlessly

  • Manage and monitor your prospects more effectively.
  • Share leads with your entire team easily
  • Reduce bounce with real-time Linkedin URL verification
  • Catch duplicates and manage leads across your team.
  • Direct integrations with Salesforce, Growlabs, Leadfuze, and more.

  • Send leads from Typeform, Hubspot, and other apps to Orca with Zapier.

  • Orca automatically validates uploaded Linkedin URLs to ensure less bounce.

  • Team key enables integrations to connect and share leads with your entire team.

"The primary benefit I get from Orca is the automation of social outreach. Social selling needs to be a key component for any sales team. LinkedIn has done a good job for opening it up. I haven’t seen any companies doing it the way Orca does it… Success comes from seeing things people don’t see, which is why I’m investing in Orca."

Peter Ahn     Head of Sales and Business Development, Streak CRM

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Orca was built to increase and improve engagements, spark real conversations, and drive more revenue. Go beyond just cold calls and emails.

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"Orca has become the first step in reaching out to prospects. This is saving us thousands on InMail credits! Customer service is friendly, thorough, and resolved my questions quickly. I highly recommend this gem of a product!"

Linda Schatz, MedLeaders

“What a fantastic team! I really like Orca's tool and recently had some questions about certain features in order to maximize my impact on potential customers. Dan and the team were very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I would recommend this amazing tool with a bonus of the outstanding customer success to anyone looking to greatly increase their lead generation.”

Anna O’Leary, Bioxplor

"Using Orca we have automated our ability to expand our connections at an incredible pace. In addition, the ability to automate follow up messages has helped convert many of these new contacts into qualified prospects AND clients."

Steve Lowisz, Qualigence International

"Orca has made reaching our potential customers and users a breeze. We have seen a significant improvement in response rates and engagement from using orca, from our tests no other method comes close to the effectiveness of Linkedin with Orca"

Adam Carrigan, MindsDB