Connecting Orca with Growlabs

How to connect Orca with Growlabs?

GrowLabs is an all-in-one outbound sales automation system helping sales teams find, engage and convert leads faster and more effectively.

The platform combines lead generation with advanced automation enabling businesses to grow at scale.

By connecting Orca with Growlabs, you will be able to get more precise in your targeting through advanced lead generation features and easily push those into social sequences in Orca, while running email sequences in parallel, before, or after you engage them socially.

How to Connect Orca with Growlabs

Step 1:

Log into your Orca account.

Step 2:

Go to Integrations under Preferences.

Step 3:

Copy your Personal or Team API Key to the clip board.

Team API Key is available only if you're on a team.

Step 4:

Create or Login to your Growlabs account

Step 5:

Go to Integrations from the Account tab.

Step 6:

Under Orca Integration paste your personal or team API key

You can generate new leads under the Lead Gen tab or push leads existing leads to Orca.