• Generate leads, build relationships, and promote content with cold emails.
  • Select from a collection of pre-written messages or create your own email templates.
  • Real-time analysis offers ways to improve engagement and reduce the chance of being marked as spam while you compose campaigns.
  • Schedule follow-ups or emails triggered by link clicks.
  • Stops sequences when a reply is detected, handles unsubscribe requests, and ignores auto-responders.
  • Sending calendar controls optimize how your emails are sent. Block out weekends, set hours of the day, and set spacing rules.
  • Use merge fields to quickly customize your messages.




Mailshake is a simple solution for cold emails, with proven templates, automatic follow-ups, sending controls, and personalization helping sales teams have more conversations, qualify more leads, and close more deals than ever before.


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The Orca Mailshake integration enables sales teams to trigger email cadences based on responses and replies to Linkedin engagements. For example, sales reps can easily trigger an email cadence in Mailshake when a prospect accepts and replies to a connect request on Linkedin, and trigger a different email cadence to prospects who only accept a connect request. Orca automatically stops follow-up engagements when an email reply is detected.

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