• Define your ideal customer profile by industry, company size, job title, technology used, funding raised, and more.
  • Get matches from a database of over 320 million verified contacts and 12 million searchable companies.
  • Up-to-date data analyzed across 400M websites, social media feed, third-party data exchanges and public databases.
  • Automatically removes or blacklist existing lead records from your CRM through a 2-way integration.
  • Combine software with human intelligence to gather data from millions of websites and third-party sources




Growlabs is a sales automation platform that uses machine intelligence to help sales teams prospect for leads. With Growlabs, sales teams can specify the type of contact and business they want to target and the platform will automatically generate leads, begin sending emails and vet the inbound responses.

Growlabs combines machine learning with a database of 320 million prospects to identify and target the contacts with whom you’ll be most likely to close a sale. And by collecting data on every interaction, the platform is able to provide advice for users in determining when to send emails and how many follow-ups to attempt.

The company partners with data exchanges and data APIs. It also employs research contractors to verify and add data in order to provide the most up-to-date information


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Find leads that match your ideal customer profiles (industry, company size, job title, technology used, funding raised, and more) and get instant matches from a database with over 320 million verified lead records and automatically send leads into Orca to automate LinkedIn profile views, connection requests, and follow-up messages with all of your leads before, or in parallel, with your email cadences.

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