Search on LinkedIn

Search on LinkedIn

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Search on LinkedIn campaign enables your team to target and find leads through Linkedin's basic search. You can use booleans and Linkedin's built-in filters to refine your search, such as connection degree, industries, location, current company, past company, school, and profile language.

To learn more about boolean searches, check out this article here.

After you've created an audience, the next step is to setup a sequence to visit lead profiles, send connection requests, and follow-up with private messages. In a few weeks, we'll be releasing email integrations so you'll not only be able to trigger an email cadence when a prospect has accepted your connect request, but also trigger a different email cadence when a prospect accepts and replies to your connect request.

Once you've created your sequence, you'll be prompted to name your campaign and have the opportunity to make any necessary edits. After publishing, Orca will generate a list of potential leads for you to approve. Once approved, leads will be added to your social selling sequence.

Note: Approving leads with Data Enrichment add-on enabled will incur a $0.50 charge per enriched lead.