Import and Export Leads

Import and Export Leads

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Exporting Leads from a Campaign

You can easily export leads from a campaign by going to campaign Details and selecting Export CSV. The download will start automatically and will include data such as first and last name, Linkedin URL, and Linkedin actions performed by Orca.

Users with Data Enrichment add-on enabled will have additional contact data (if available):

  • Personal Email
  • Work Email
  • Company
  • Title
  • Size
  • Location
  • Social handles (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Github, Angel List, and Gravatar)
  • Phone

Importing Leads into Orca

You can import leads into a social selling campaign in Orca by creating a CSV upload campaign or uploading leads into an active CSV upload campaign. To upload leads into a new CSV campaign simply drag and drop your file into the upload area as shown in the screenshot below:

Once a campaign is published, an Upload more leads button will become accessible making it easy to add new leads to a campaign.