Social Selling

How to Get More LinkedIn Profile Views

Time-limited offers and hard selling might have worked in the early 2000s, but the rules have changed.

Today, customers and prospects want a relationship. They want to understand who’s on the other side of the deal, and how the product helps them, in their particular case.

In short, the best way to sell today is with social selling. And since we all use LinkedIn (especially if we’re selling in the B2B space), there’s only one thing on our minds:

Getting more LinkedIn profile views.

Here’s how we can get there:

1) Optimizing our LinkedIn profile

And we don’t mean uploading a professional headshot (although that’s important, too).

In order to optimize a LinkedIn profile, here’s what we can do:

a) Adding keywords

Our LinkedIn profiles are a great way to generate leads on the social network, but they also get caught by Google, so SEO is necessary. By adding keywords relevant to our industry and position to our LinkedIn job descriptions, we can generate more leads.

b) Headline description

It’s not enough to just state what we do in our headline. If our intention is to succeed with social selling and lead generation through LinkedIn, we have to do better.

A good trick is to focus on answering two questions:

  1. Who do we help? (E.g. sales operation managers)
  2. How do we help them? (E.g. by adding a social layer to lead generation with LinkedIn)

This way, our leads know exactly what we can do for them. It’d be nice to describe ourselves as an innovative B2B company, but that doesn’t give our leads enough information. Instead, we focus on our value to them.  

2) Expanding networks on LinkedIn

Like LinkedIn themselves say, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.”

From the very premise, social selling is all about leveraging our connections and our personality to help us communicate with leads. That’s why having a broad network of people connected to our industry helps.

Going through our email contact list isn’t the only way to expand our network.

LinkedIn groups are a great way of getting more connections. In addition to that, they also improve SEO since the groups we join appear on our profiles.

Not all groups are alike, and our goal is joining groups of different sizes. Every group relevant to what we do is okay, but if they aren’t active, they won’t be very useful.

3) Getting more LinkedIn profile views with content

The goal is getting our leads to understand who we are, so we can build trust and develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

What better way to do it than with content?

From blog posts to status updates, content helps with generating more leads through LinkedIn. Not only is it great because our leads see what we think about relevant issues, but it also helps with SEO.

And as we all know, SEO brings in even more views than LinkedIn search.

The content we pick depends on our industry, of course. It’s good to check out the most common questions people in our industry have, and respond to them with blog posts.

Status updates are great places to post useful tips and tricks.

And of course, if we’re doing something particularly experimental and interesting with our business, it’s a great idea to turn it into a case study or a whitepaper.

4) Don’t forget about the summary

Summary should be like an extended pitch that shows leads what our skills and areas of expertise are. Of course, they should be seeing immediate value for them while reading.

Summary should be an extension of our headline. If our leads saw the headline and felt intrigued about what we could do for them, the summary should only convince them further.

This means that it’s time to get specific: what do we do, how do we do it, what are our results?

And finally, there’s nothing like a clear call to action to wrap it up and motivate the lead to get in touch with us.

5) Automating and personalizing

Generating leads on LinkedIn can take a lot of time. From finding the right people to warming them up and getting in touch with them, months can pass before we make significant progress.

After all, social selling takes time. Especially if we do it manually.

But what if we automate lead generation (with the social twist, of course)?

Everything becomes streamlined. There’s no need to wait for the leads to check out profiles in return, manually send requests to connect, and write every message on our own.  

With Orca, the process is automatized, and integrated with software like Salesforce. Leads are engaged automatically, and the process is much faster, so there’s no way a lead is going to forget they viewed our profile.

After all, it’s 2018. Cold emails may get us somewhere, but automation in combination with social selling will get us exactly where we want to be.


Social is the new selling.

Start generating leads the right way by connecting with, engaging, and nurturing prospects through warmer pipeline generation.