Social Selling

How to Automate LinkedIn Connections

There’s nothing more effective than social selling on LinkedIn.

As a professional network, LinkedIn is the go-to resource for many people who want to improve the way they do business, or find solutions for common problems.

That’s why salespeople who use LinkedIn for lead generation and prospect outreach meet or exceed their quota in 98% of cases.

The main prerequisite?

Having over 5,000 connections.

Since we’ve previously written about all the ways you can use LinkedIn automation, it’s time to double-down on the specifics, and show you how you can not only generate more leads, but engage with them better.

And of course, we’ll show you how you can connect with them through LinkedIn to make sure that you’re building relationships from the very start.

Why does LinkedIn sales outreach matter?

If you’re still on the rocks about reaching out to your prospects through LinkedIn, here’s the tl;dr explanation:

1.      77% of buyers won’t engage salespeople who can’t provide insights about their business.  To put it simply: you have to understand your prospect’s company and the way they do business. If you don’t want to spend hours on research, you can use LinkedIn and tools like CrystalKnows to get their full profile.

2.      91% of B2B buyers are active and involved in social media, and they have 84% higher budgets. This makes LinkedIn prospect outreach the best way to convince buyers with significant purchasing power to choose your solution.

3.      84% of B2B buyers start their buying process with a referral. Nothing increases revenue like referrals, and social networks are designed to encourage recommendations. You can ask satisfied customers to share their experience by recommending you, or by sharing their insights in a blog post or status update.

In short, LinkedIn sales outreach is just more effective than anything else.

You get an audience ready for your solution, you can accurately target them with the Sales Navigator, and engage them easier than ever before with InMail and connections.

It makes the best parts of inbound marketing work for your sales process by getting prospects interested in what you do.

If you use LinkedIn automation, you can start warming up leads without even realizing you’re doing it.  

How Can I Automate LinkedIn Connections

When it comes to LinkedIn connections automation, you have a few options.

Depending on your workflow and your standard sales process, you can choose between official LinkedIn tools and third-party tools who have LinkedIn outreach on lock.

Automate LinkedIn Connections by Importing Lists

The solution LinkedIn provides is importing email lists. This is the basic way to connect with people you know on LinkedIn even if you’re not using it for prospect outreach, so you can absolutely use it for sales.

If you keep track of your prospects’ emails in a spreadsheet or in CRM, you can export them and upload them to LinkedIn. From there, you can send out connection requests to everyone in the email list.

If you’re only starting with LinkedIn outreach and automation, and you have a lot of prospects’ emails, this can be a good solution.

However, this is a highly impersonal way, and it can result in a lot of confusion. Plus, you have to do a lot of the work yourself.

So, what’s better?

Automate LinkedIn Connections with Automation Tools

There are plenty of tools that offer more options than just automated LinkedIn connection requests.

Most help you automate everything from lead generation to connection requests and messaging.  

So if you want to streamline your LinkedIn social selling workflow, try these tools:

1. LinkedIn Helper

LinkedIn Helper is a chrome extension that fully automates your LinkedIn sales process.

You can send personalized connection invitations (something that the regular LinkedIn options don’t let you do) to 2nd and 3rd contacts, automate profile-visiting, endorse your contacts so they endorse you back (for the referral incentive), and much more.

This is a solid tool if you want to test the waters of LinkedIn automation, as it automates the most time-consuming processes.

2. LinkedIn Prospect

LinkedIn Prospect is another tool that will automate more than just connect requests.

Just like LinkedIn Helper, Prospect lets you send automated connection requests to 2nd and 3rd connection degree users.

Additionally, you can set up personalized auto-replies to engage with prospects faster, and mass-message your contacts.

If you want to target your contacts more accurately, LinkedIn Prospect also lets you choose whom you’ll message with which content, so there’s a higher degree of personalization present.

3. Orca

If you want a fully-automated LinkedIn and email sequences that work together to make sure your leads turn into satisfied customers, try Orca.

As soon as you add a lead, the activity chain will start. Orca will visit your lead’s profile from your profile, send them a connection request if they give you a view-back, and follow up with messages.

At the same time, your standard email sequence will be sent out, so you can engage your prospects on multiple channels.

Choosing the Best LinkedIn Connection Tool

Ultimately, the LinkedIn automation tool you’ll choose depends on your workflow.

Most tools automate more than one sales-beneficial LinkedIn feature, so you can give your prospects the social experience they need, and increase your success rate.

There’s no need to waste time doing all the clicking yourself. Just use LinkedIn sales automation, and watch your prospects turn into happy customers.


Social is the new selling.

Start generating leads the right way by connecting with, engaging, and nurturing prospects through warmer pipeline generation.