New feature: Data Enrichment

New feature: Data Enrichment

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Making your sales process more efficient and successful is a top priority here at Orca, so we’re super excited to announce our new feature: Data Enrichment.

The Data Enrichment add-on automatically enriches your lead data with personal and work emails, company data, social profile handles like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Github, and Angel List, giving you more possibilities to reach and engage prospects across different platforms and sales channels.

With Data Enrichment, you no longer have to find business contacts one by one on LinkedIn. Instead, search for leads in specific roles and industries and get all of their info right away and ready to be used.

You can enable the Data Enrichment add-on be heading over to the Add-ons.

Note: Data Enrichment add-on is an additional $50 per 100 credits and automatically renews.

Here's a quick video, check it out here.