Social Selling

Automate LinkedIn Messages

If you’ve ever done business, you’ve probably used LinkedIn. As one of the fastest growing social networks, it reached 500 million users in 2017.

Out of that 500 million, 61 million are senior-level influencers who can improve your visibility, while 40 million are able to make the decision to buy your solution.

This unique user profile is exactly what makes LinkedIn the perfect platform for not only lead generation, but for prospect outreach, as well.

However, LinkedIn is very saturated. 94% of B2B marketers use it to reach their target audience. It takes a lot to stand out and show your prospects that you’re the ideal person to do business with, especially in an era where social selling is king.

So as a salesperson with a chronic lack of time for chasing down leads, is there anything you can do?

Yes. You can automate LinkedIn messages, and reach more prospects with less work.

LinkedIn Message Automation 101

Since the main prerequisite for messaging prospects (or anyone) on LinkedIn is being connected with them, that should be your first step.

Now, you can do it manually but with targeting and lead generation, you’ll be wasting a lot of time trying to connect with everyone.

That’s why you should use one of the available tools to automate LinkedIn messages, and make sure that your (connect) messages are well received.  

Tips for Writing the Perfect LinkedIn Outreach Message:

1. Don’t sound robotic. Just because you’re using automation tools for LinkedIn outreach doesn’t mean you should make your messages sound impersonal, and come across as though they were generated by algorithms.

2. Don’t send the same message to everyone. Instead, pick a tool that lets you send different messages according to lead segments and personalize them.

3. Double down on relatability. Even though you don’t want to sell to them even before they’ve accepted your connection request, show that you’re familiar with the prospect or their industry.

4. Avoid generic messages. A “Hi, I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn” message will do nothing at all, and you’re greatly reducing your chances of success.

5. View the lead’s profile before sending them a connection request, and wait for them to give you a view-back. Avoid the temptation to just mass-connect with everyone, and make sure the other party is at least intrigued, if not completely interested. Connecting with everyone before waiting for them to show their hand just comes off as spammy.

6. Optimize your profile. Make sure that your profile reflects your understanding of your industry and your product. Show the prospects who’ll view your profile later on what you’re like professionally. You can write posts on important topics, and optimize your summary to show how exactly you and your solution help prospects.

The key to social selling is communicating with your prospects. And unlike cold calling which is used to drive direct, immediate sales (although with a poor success rate), social selling drives sales by building relationships.

And the interaction that will help you build relationships with your prospects starts from the very first message. Make it count.

LinkedIn Automation Tools

We’ve already covered why social selling is important, and how to write a great LinkedIn message.

Now it’s time to find the tool that can automate messaging through LinkedIn for you. There are a lot of options out there, but what matters is that the tool improves your standard sales process, instead of changing or replacing it entirely.

Top 3 LinkedIn Messaging Tools:

1.  LinkedIn Helper

LinkedIn Helper is a browser extension that automates a lot of tasks which can improve the way you sell on LinkedIn.

It lets you to send automated personalized invitations to 2nd and 3rd contacts, it has a sequential messaging system for 1st contacts (especially useful for follow-ups with leads who haven’t responded), and automatic profile visits.

LinkedIn Helper also has other features like automatically endorsing your contacts so they’ll endorse you in return, and other options that’ll increase your engagement rate and visibility.

2. Dux-Soup

Just like LinkedIn Helper, Dux-Soup will help you automate LinkedIn messaging with personalized connection messages, and automated messages to 1st degree connections.

You’ll also be able to filter different types of LinkedIn members such as influencers, premium members, and other groups.

Dux-Soup is a solid choice if you’re looking to try out automated prospect messaging on LinkedIn. However, if you need a more robust tool with advanced features, you may have to keep looking.

3. Orca

Orca will automate your LinkedIn Messages, but that’s not the full extent of its capabilities.

It works on the principle of activity chains. When you import a lead to Orca, it’ll visit the lead’s profile and send a connection request (if the lead viewed your profile in return).

You’ll be able to message leads automatically, while sending out your regular email sequence in sync with your automated LinkedIn activity.

This approach is what makes Orca a good choice for anyone who wants to make use of multi-channel communication (which works especially well in social selling), and get noticed by leads faster.

It streamlines the entire sales process, and allows you to take the conversation where it best fits your prospect. The only thing left is to close the deal.


Social is the new selling.

Start generating leads the right way by connecting with, engaging, and nurturing prospects through warmer pipeline generation.