Send Automated Connection Requests on Linkedin

Send Automated Connection Requests on Linkedin

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Orca helps you sequence automated invites to prospects on LinkedIn with a personalized connection request and automated follow-up message after your invitation to connect is accepted. Reply-detection stops outgoing messages from triggering should a prospect respond to your message.

We recommended sequencing connection requests along with profiles views to warm up the engagement with social look-backs. You can set delays before and after profile visits to create a more realistic, human touch to your social selling engagements.

Orca Linkedin automation updates

Our top priority at Orca is to build and continue building out features that make the tool wildly valuable to our users. Here are some features we are working on to improve your team's Linkedin outreach in 2019.

Trigger an email sequence when a prospect...

  • Accepts and replies to a request
  • Accepts but does not reply
  • Does not accept an invite after X days

Auto-withdraw connection invitations after X days

Delay follow up message after a connection is accepted

Add labels to connections for lead segmentation

Smart variables and custom snippets for more personalization