4 Best Linkedin Automation Tools

4 Best Linkedin Automation Tools

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There are plenty of LinkedIn automation tools out there. Even though they’re technically the same thing, most of these tools claim to be “the best”.

Unlike what most people think, LinkedIn tools don’t close sales or win any deals. They just make connecting with people via LinkedIn easier. The process required to achieve this (views, connection requests, messages) is the same in all the different tools.

Sure, some of these marketing tools have additional features that are called by all sorts of fancy names. However, they don’t really make much of a difference. That's not how social selling works.

What REALLY matters in the LinkedIn automation process isn’t what tools you’re using, it’s HOW you’re using them.

What you need to make the most out of your LinkedIn account isn’t some new automation software or a new piece of software, it’s the best practices for LinkedIn automation.

Without these best practices, any effort that you put in your LinkedIn marketing and lead generation efforts won’t be as effective as you want them to be.

The following are the top “tools” that you already have but not using and why they can make or break your LinkedIn presence.

Tool 1: Your Awesome Content

We’ve said it a lot and will keep saying it: content is KING.

No matter how hard you try to win your audience on LinkedIn -or any other online

LinkedIn automation tools can help you eliminate many of the time-consuming tasks-especially if you have multiple LinkedIn accounts. However, they’re not some kind of a magic solution that’ll get you sales all by itself.

Your content is the core of your online presence and has a direct effect on how your LinkedIn leads perceive your brand on LinkedIn.

By creating useful content that people love and relate to, you’ll make any LinkedIn automation tool that you’re using more effective.

Instead of focusing your efforts on finding automation tools that allow you to automate every single action in your pipeline, you should focus your efforts on creating great content. In contrary to what most people think, less automation is better.
With this better content, you’ll need less automation and have maximum human-to-human interaction on your LinkedIn profile. That is what’ll help you win your audience on LinkedIn.

Tool 2: Sharp Social Selling Automation Senses

Automation tools are powerful. And with great power, comes great responsibility!

If your automation senses aren’t sharp, you’ll start abusing whatever tool that you’re using. This will give you results that are the exact opposite of what you’re after.

Before you automate a task, make sure it doesn’t have a negative impact on how people experience your brand on LinkedIn. Automating an interaction or LinkedIn messaging might mean less work for your sales team, however, not all tasks should be automated.

The tasks that you should be automating are repetitive ones that don’t add value to your target audience. You don’t have to send connect request manually to everyone in order to succeed on LinkedIn. On the other hand, automated replies are usually a bad idea that can make you lose your LinkedIn network audience before you even realize what’s happening.

Keep your LinkedIn automation senses sharp and think about the potential clients’ experience before you automate anything. Whenever you’re putting a task on auto pilot ask yourself if it’ll make people experience your LinkedIn page in a better way.

Will automating this interaction make it better for my audience as they’ll receive a fast reply? Or will it make them feel like they’re talking to an answer machine? Will automating posting content in a particular way help me deliver great content consistently? Or is it just spam?

With this customer-driven mindset, you’ll make automation work in your favor, not the other way around.

Tool 3: A Human Touch

It’s hard to not sound like a robot when you’re using an automation tool. Before you know it, your LinkedIn page can be sending all kinds of “weird” responses to different actions and starts giving that robotic impression.

A secret tip that’s not so secret: nobody likes being friends with robots. That might have been cool in the past but it certainly isn’t cool anymore. In a world where automated responses are becoming the norm, people appreciate a human touch that makes them feel appreciated.

Whenever people get an automated response or a personalized invitation from your business, they feel that they’re just “another client”, which is an impression you never want to leave. And that’s why your process human touch is one of the best tools that you should be using if you want to generate more leads with LinkedIn.

Tool 4: Super-Human Balance

There is a fine line between automation and spamming. That line is so fine that you’ll need a super-human balance not tread on the wrong side. The SPAM side!

When you’re automating things like follow up messages, it’s easy to get carried away and send too many. After all, you’re not really “sending” them one message at a time.

The result is that you’ll be labeled as a spammer by your audience. It’ll start by them ignoring your messages, then they’ll become annoyed and leave for good.

While it’s true that automation tools help you send messages with less effort, you shouldn't bombard your LinkedIn connections with messages. It’s really tempting to do, but LinkedIn users hate it.

That’s where your super-human balance comes into play, helping you win new connections and generate more leads without being spammy.

Bonus Tools: More of the good stuff!

We know you like these “real” LinkedIn automation tools. Here is two more bonus tools that’ll help you kill it on LinkedIn!

Bonus Tool 1: A Sprinkle of Consistency

People have short memories, especially when it comes to remembering your brand on social media. You’re not the only business competing for their attention and unless you frequently refresh their memories, they’ll soon forget who you are.

Having content on your profile isn’t enough. You need to post new things on a regular basis. This will pop up in people’s news feed and act like a “Hey, we’re still here!” kind of message.

If you don’t post new content frequently from your social media accounts, people will assume that your business is no longer operational. When it comes to consistent content posting, LinkedIn is no different from any other social network.

The same no-spam rule applies here also. A valuable post that adds value every now and then is better than flooding the LinkedIn feeds of people on your contact list with spammy posts.

Bonus Tool 2: A Sensitive Cheese-O-Meter!

Cheeseburgers are good. Cheesy sales pitches…not so good!

Being a cheesy salesman is the last thing you want to do on LinkedIn. We get it, the urge to use that killer pitch that’ll double your conversion rates is too strong.

Trust us on this one, it WON’T!

This is particularly true if you have a B2B business model.

People won’t change a system that their entire company is using or a major supplier based on feelings.  

So yeah, it won’t turn your LinkedIn profile into a “selling machine”.

Whenever you’re talking about your services or products, make sure to turn on your cheese-o-meter. If it reads a high level of cheesiness, it’s a dangerous sign that you should never ignore. Whatever you do, DON'T sound like this guy!