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4 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools

Even though LinkedIn understands the value of their platform for social selling, there still aren’t enough tools. Official LinkedIn tools seem like they only want to help us with lead generation and after that, it’s every salesman for himself.

Fortunately, there are other LinkedIn automation tools that take care of everything from lead generation to messaging and connection requests.

It’s time to speed up the sales process, and reach more prospects without putting in additional hours.

Here are the best LinkedIn automation tools you can use for each stage in the sales process:

Best LinkedIn Automation Tool for: Lead Generation

So many leads, so little time – that seems to be the motto behind prospecting on LinkedIn.

However, if you want to reach more leads and make sure they fit all of your qualifying criteria, our recommendation is:


LeadFuze has been the favorite LinkedIn automation tool of many salespeople in the last few years, and for a good reason.

It automates lead generation based on even more filters than LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

In addition to specific roles and industries, LeadFuze also filters your leads by technology they use, how much they spend on ads, whether or not they’re hiring, keywords they use, and much more.

It aggregates leads’ professional information across the web, not just on LinkedIn, and it also supplies contact information if you’re ready to start communicating with your prospects, and has integrations for most CRM software, as well as Zapier.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tool for: Prospect Outreach

If someone visits your profile, it’s very hard not to visit theirs back. There’s just something about it that brings out the good old curiosity in us.

However, it can take a lot of time to manually visit hundreds of leads’ profiles, so if you want to improve your prospect outreach, do it with:

eLink Pro

eLink Pro describes itself as the number 1 LinkedIn marketing software, and they’re not wrong.

Since eLink Pro is a browser extension, your leads will see you visiting your profile, and using this LinkedIn automation tools means you’ll be able to start reaching out to as many as 5,000 leads per week.

There’s also an option where you can cross-connect with your LinkedIn leads on Twitter, as well, so if you’re considering a multi-channel approach, you can do it with eLink Pro.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tool for: Lead Enrichment

Before you get in touch with your leads, you have to know which approach to use.

Without sales automation tools, this means you’d have to spend countless hours on researching each prospect. It’s just not cost-effective, especially since no sale is guaranteed (even though we like to be optimistic).

However, you can get more information on your leads by using the best LinkedIn lead enrichment tool:


Crystal claims to be an app that tells you anyone’s personality, and that’s especially important in sales.

The way we sell today has changed; customers expect us to understand them as people, even if we’re in B2B. Personality matters, and yours should adapt to each prospect you approach.

With Crystal, you not only get descriptions of someone’s personality (based on data scraping of all of their social media profiles), but you also get suggestions on how to approach and convince them.

For example, Crystal says that if you want to sell something to Bill Gates, you should:

  • Avoid interrupting him
  •  Skip the small talk, and speak matter-of-factly
  •  Convince him by offering multiple options, use facts and mention best practices

We may have guessed that since he’s a public personality, but what happens with your leads who don’t get publicity other than on their social media profiles?

It’s also possible to analyze the personality of a team with Crystal, and see what their dynamic is like so you can choose the best person to get in touch with.

Best LinkedIn Tool for: LinkedIn Connection and Messages

Now that you’ve got all the info you need on your prospects, it’s time to turn them into customers.

That’s why you can use this automation tool to send connection requests and message your prospects on LinkedIn:


Orca turns LinkedIn social selling into a full-on sequence that includes both LinkedIn engagement, and email activity.

As soon as you add a lead, the activity chain will start.

Orca will view the lead’s profile, and if they view yours back, Orca will send a request to connect and a follow-up message. At the same time, Orca will send out your standard sales emails.

This is another instance of a multi-channel approach which gives you a high-quality option for communicating with your leads, and helps you build a relationship with them from the very start.

LinkedIn Automation Tools

There are a lot of LinkedIn automation tools out there, but not all of them are equally smooth and adaptable to your workflow.

When choosing the right one, pay attention to each stage in the sales process.

The right tool should do what you do every time you close: provide additional value, and make sure the deal is a win-win.  


Social is the new selling.

Start generating leads the right way by connecting with, engaging, and nurturing prospects through warmer pipeline generation.