2019 Social Selling Guide to LinkedIn Automation

2019 Social Selling Guide to LinkedIn Automation

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LinkedIn has grown exponentially, today renowned as one of the most powerful and impressive marketing tools available to B2B professionals.

With over 560 million users on the platform, approximately 40 million of which are senior business decision makers, it is easy to see why LinkedIn is becoming the social selling platform of choice for marketing, sales navigators and lead generation.

But why is LinkedIn so effective?

Well, simply put, we see social media as an extension of our own personalities. Our pages are full of our own pictures, our job history and our proudest work. They're pages built to reflect our own agendas and achievements, shared with our own friends and colleagues.

Linkedin profile is like a landing page for your website
A Linkedin profile is like a landing page and should be optimized for your target customer segment.

In this sense, the majority of people are more receptive to Linkedin than to their work email. Approaches are considered to be much more personable, and as millions of business executives pay great attention to their LinkedIn accounts, the social platform has become a powerful tool that is free and ready to tap in to.

LinkedIn Automation

The problem is that undetaking effective LinkedIn marketing manually can be time consuming to say the least. Finding different profiles and writing out each and every message is not simply not efficient.

This is where LinkedIn automation comes in.

By using automation tools, time from your busy work day is no longer wasted on manual marketing techniques. Instead, concise and detailed reports are compiled, helping to generate countless new leads with a minimized proportion of the leg work.

These techniques are not used to random effect.

Automation tools allow possible new connections to be filtered by job, location and other factors that you might be looking for, all in the aim of ensuring that you're getting in touch with the right people.

Linkedin people search filters

Linkedin users are nothing less than a target audience, and reaching the right audience is imperative.

After all, nobody wants to waste talented employees on menial tasks. The dramatic advancements of technology are benefiting almost every progressive business these days, so why not you?

Building a brand

Such methods will quickly help you to expand any LinkedIn network and ramp up your prospects. However, often packaged as an end-to-end marketing solution, LinkedIn automation doesn't stop here.

The technology is equally adept at helping to build your brand, ensuring that your connections don't forget about you. By sharing relevant information with them, these tools are able to position you as an expert within your field among hundreds and even thousands of business decision makers.

Ultimately, this will put you and your business on the required platform that you need to continue to reach new heights.

The B2B world is becoming increasingly competitive. It only takes a glance at the Linkedin profiles of successful companies to realise this, so building your brand is imperative to achieving sustainable growth.

Michaela Alexis Linkedin profile is a prime example of great branding.

Organisation is key

Building your network can require significant amounts of organisation, planning and preparation, and even then traditional methods can still prove to be a logistical nightmare.

Again, LinkedIn automation tools can soothe any headache on this front.

Connecting with tens of new potential clients each day, these tools are able to effectively monitor and catalog your LinkedIn marketing methods, better maintaining your business processes.

Will I get banned for using an automation tool?

Naturally, this sounds all too good to be true, and there is often skepticism surrounding the use of automation tools.

However, rest assured, automation software providers have thought this through. With proper usage in line with the given guidelines, there is no chance of becoming listed as spam, and the desired results will likely be achieved.

Why should I used LinkedIn tools?

LinkedIn's own mission statement is:

“To connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful.”

And while the social platform itself provides the means for this, automation tools have allowed this to become an accelerated reality.

Sure, there are some negatives to it if misused, such as spamming Linkedin connections to multiple linkedIn accounts. However, the pure benefits of using such platforms alone are endless.

Not only are you able to increase your connection requests at efficient rates, but the search criteria for these can become optimised, tailored, and vastly more organised than any manual method would allow.

It is undoubted that automation tools empower sales navigators, and while countless other companies are using this to great success, there isn't much time to lose in the face of growing competition and marketing saturation.