Enrich lead records automatically. At scale.

Orca makes it easy to get in touch with anyone on any platforms. Enrich lead records with work and personal emails, phone numbers, and social handles without lifting a finger.

Person Attributes


First Name
Given name of person
Last Name
Family name of person
Full name of person
Work or personal email of person
Personal Email
Personal email of person
Work Email
Accurate work email for person
Current Employer
Company name of person's employer
Domain of company’s website
Current Employer Size
Bucketed employee ranges for company
Current Title
Person's title at given company
City, State and/or Country of person
Linkedin Handle
LinkedIn handle of person (ex: /pub/alex-maccaw/78/929/ab5)
Facebook Handle
Facebook handle of person
Twitter Handle
Twitter handle of person
AngelList Handle
AngelList handle of person
Github Handle
GitHub handle of person
Gravatar Handle
Gravatar handle of person
Direct-dial work phone number of person
Linkedin Action Profile View
Count of Linkedin profile views
Linkedin Action Connect Requested
True/False. Indicates whether a Linkedin invitation to connect was sent or not.
Linkedin Action Connected
True/False. Indicates whether a Linkedin invitation to connect was accepted or not.
Linkedin Action Follow Up
True/False. Indicates whether a Linkedin follow up message was sent after a connect request was accepted.

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"The results of our campaign in Orca have been positive, given that we are still early in our process and continue to tweak our processes to improve results. Our campaign has generated an increase in connections by the thousands, led to many conversations about Pyramid, and resulted in a number of sales qualified leads."

Elsa McDonald, Pyramid Analytics

"The primary benefit I get from Orca is the automation of social outreach. Social selling needs to be a key component for any sales team. LinkedIn has done a good job for opening it up. I haven’t seen any companies doing it the way Orca does it… Success comes from seeing things people don’t see, which is why I’m investing in Orca."

Peter Ahn, Streak CRM

"I use Orca in the background day-to-day, but has ended up providing my highest quality conversions so far. I can take people who aren’t ready, put them through an Orca sequence and end up having a totally different conversation with them."

Harison Frisbee, Growlabs

"Selling radically new technology means changing the mindset of your potential clients. It requires a more careful and personal approach than provided by traditional sales tools. We use Orca to keep our prospects updated on recent changes in the AI market, and it works like a charm."

Konstatin Savenko, Intento