Sales beyond email

Our mission is to help teams do sales better by exploring ways to spark conversations with leads the right way.

Linkedin automation and sales

Small team, big love

Made with love by people from different cities around the world, all with a  passion for excellence in their craft.

Re-imagineering sales automation

We come from diverse backgrounds and are united by an enthusiasm for great products and delightful customer experiences.

Since launching in January 2018, Orca now powers 150+ sales teams from around the world. Our software is used and trusted by sales and marketing teams of every shape and size.

Orca Linkedin automation platform

Your success means everything.

We're motivated to see you succeed. That means building quality products, online classes, world-class guides and helpful essays—all designed to bring about long-term success for your company.

Better Linkedin automation tool

Going the distance

Our goal is to help thousands of sales marketing teams around the world through our products. While growth is important, team and values are paramount. We’re always striving to do impactful work we’re proud of in lieu of chasing overnight success.

Beyond borders

We don't have an office. Our entire team is free to work anywhere, whenever and however they choose because  we believe freedom inspires play that inspires creativity. We overcome remote challenges through transparency, trust, and video conferencing. The reward is worth the effort—we’ll take talent, skill, and diverse perspectives over local geography any day.

Building Linkedin automation anywhere

"What a fantastic team! I really like Orca's tool and recently had some questions about certain features in order to maximize my impact on potential customers. Dan and the team were very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I would recommend this amazing tool with a bonus of the outstanding customer success to anyone looking to greatly increase their lead generation."

Anna O'Leary     Founder and COO, Bioxplor