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Precision Segmentation

Use data aggregated from different channels to discover higher-quality leads.

Advanced Sequencing

Sequence emails, calls, and social engagements. Orca generates opportunities by warming up leads.

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Level-up your sales team and never miss an opportunity ever again.

Orca is an ai-enhanced outreach machine for sales leaders, managers, and executives with features that seriously increase productivity and effectiveness.


In-depth Targeting

Discover new opportunities matching specific criteria and product demographics from aggregated data.


Seamless Orchestration

Automate the right step-by-step sequence of emails, social engagements, and more.


Smart Messaging

Craft and send more personalized messages with intelligent snippets and land more meetings.

Advised by the world's leading growth experts.

Gustaf Alstromer

YC Partner + ex-Growth, Airbnb

Aaron Stein

ex-Growth, Digital Ocean

Ivan Kirigin

ex-Growth, Dropbox

Justin Mares

Co-author of Traction

Josh Fechter

Founder, Badass Marketers
and Founders (13k members),
Inventor of "Broetry"

Art Agrawal

Content Guru + ex-CEO, YourMechanic

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